Evolution of a Logo

For the majority of the run of “Palmer’s Picks” in Wizard, my wonderful mug was situated next to the logo in a caricature drawn by comic book legend Tom Palmer Sr., who also happens to be my dad. Since the previous post on this blog—my interview with Chris Ware from Wizard #49—marked the final appearance of the logo art, I thought it would be good opportunity to take a look back at the evolution of the column’s logo and share some behind-the-scenes artwork.

By the way, the original art for both of the old “Palmer’s Picks” caricatures was never returned. If anyone out there knows of their whereabouts, drop me a line!

The original “Palmer’s Picks” artwork, which debuted in Wizard #6 and ran in each issue until Wizard #36.

Version two of the “Palmer’s Picks” logo art first appeared in Wizard #37 and was used until issue #49.

The original pencil art for the second “Palmer’s Picks” caricature.

A third caricature was started, but never completed. Here’s the rough pencil sketch…

…and here is the pencilled version.

When “Palmer’s Picks” became a blog, a new piece of art was commissioned. Here’s the initial pencil sketch.

The inked version of the new logo art. This was used to create the digitally colored artwork attached to this website’s logo.

Painted color version of the new “Palmer’s Picks” logo art.

Fun fact: my dad started drawing pictures of me from day one. Here’s his illustration for my birth announcement. My “Palmer’s Picks” from this era mostly consisted of dirty diapers.


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